Role Models

Role Models

Faculty of Education – Fumi Sano – Professor

Fumi Sano

Fumi Sano, Professor

Science Education Courses, Biology

Cherish the moments when you can focus on research!

Organization for Higher Education and Student Services – Yuka Kusanagi – Associate Professor

Yuka Kusanagi

Yuka Kusanagi, Associate Professor

University Education Center, Liberal Arts, English

Find a theme that inspires your passion to learn!

Organization for Higher Education and Student Services – Megumi Yuki – Professor

Megumi Yuki

Megumi Yuki, Professor

University Education Center, Educational Sociology and Ethnography/Multicultural Community Education and Research Project Office

Meet people, learn from people, and create with people.

Faculty of Social and Information Studies – Michiko Suematsu – Professor

Michiko Suematsu

Michiko Suematsu, Professor

Department of Information Behavioral Science, British and American Drama/Gender Equality Office/Library and Information Technology Center

Find your niche and actively work to deepen your expertise!

Graduate School of Medicine – Akiko Kogo – Assistant Professor

Akiko Kogo

Akiko Kogo, Assistant Professor

Anatomy and Cell Biology/Embryology

You can enjoy all the excitement of thinking for yourself, finding answers, and presenting them!

Graduate School of Health Sciences – Miho Hashimoto – Researcher

Miho Hashimoto

Miho Hashimoto, Researcher

Biosignal Sciences

If you fall today, you may rise tomorrow. Relentlessly pursue your research, and the path will open before you.

Graduate School of Medicine – Keiko Kowase – Instructor

Keiko Kowase

Keiko Kowase, Instructor

General Practice Medicine/Cardiovascular Medicine

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Organization for Promotion of Heavy Ion Medicine – Yukari Yoshida – Assistant Professor

Yukari Yoshida

Yukari Yoshida, Assistant Professor

Heavy Ion Medical Research Center, Radiation Biology

If you do it, you will ultimately and absolutely succeed.

Initiative for Advanced Research – Reika Kawabata – Assistant Professor

Reika Kawabata

Reika Kawabata, Assistant Professor

Division of Integrated Oncology Research, Research Program for Omics-based Medical Science

It is important to keep accumulating results. It helps if you have a fulfilling daily life.