Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Promotion Declaration & Basic Policy

Gunma University Diversity Promotion Declaration

Gunma University provides diverse, advanced, and creative educational research utilizing the abilities of all members of the university to comprehensively overlook the 21st century through various perspectives to tackle and achieve various global challenges such as SDGs. The university has continued to maintain research and educational environments, while focusing on nurturing female and young researchers through its gender equal initiatives that began in 2013. Furthermore, a “Guideline for Gender Diversity” was formulated in 2019, and the university is making efforts to establish initiatives that respect different gender identities. Gunma University declares to play a part in constructing a diverse society within the region as well as at regions both domestic and international, by promoting diversity with a wider perspective that includes factors such as gender, disability, nationality, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, age, and values, to realize activation and individualization of education and research for further progress.

President of Gunma University, November 2020

Gunma University Diversity Promotion Basic Policy

While continuing the promotion of the basic policy of the “Basic Plan for Gender Equality Promotion at Gunma University”, we will formulate and implement the “Diversity Promotion Basic Policy” as follows.

  1. Gunma University is working to foster comprehension towards diversity promotion and a sense of inclusion that respects the differences of each individual for its members.
  2. Gunma University promotes the deepening of research and activation of education through various ideas and perspectives to nurture personnel that will play a part in creating a diverse society.
  3. Gunma University will proceed to share information and improve the campus environment to enable all its members to fully display their individuality and ability.
  4. Gunma University will develop advanced and effective measures through system construction and periodical reviews to reflect the opinions of our diverse group of members when making decisions.