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2019/2020 Gunma University Childcare Subsidy for Work and Child-Raising

At this university, a partial childcare subsidy is provided for staff and faculty participating in entrance exam work and academic meetings on weekly holidays and days off, or if babysitter services are used regularly and the service expenses are high.

*The three programs in place until the last academic year, the Babysitter Childcare Support Voucher Program, Childcare Subsidy for Entrance Exam Work at University Entrance Exam Center, and Childcare Subsidy for Academic Meeting Work, have been integrated into one program starting this academic year.

Who Is Eligible Staff and faculty working at this university using childcare services for children of a pre-middle school age for any of the reasons stated in (1), (2), or (3).


(1) To participate in entrance exam work (National Center Test for University Admissions, University and Graduate School Entrance Examination, Transfer Admission Examination, etc.) on a weekly holiday or day off

(2) To participate in academic meeting work on a business trip taking place on a weekly holiday or day off

(3) Regularly uses the services of babysitter companies and incurs high expenses in doing so

Subsidy Amount A maximum of 10,000 yen per application for each day, and a maximum of a total of up to 100,000 yen within the academic year.

*If the number of applications is high, this amount may be apportioned based on the budget, with payments made from March on.

Eligible Childcare Services [Range of Childcare Services That Can Be Subsidized]

Childcare facilities such as daycare centers, along with family support centers and babysitters. However, please note that babysitter services provided by family members or neighbors (except for neighbors who belong to a family support center or similar association) are not eligible.

Please also be sure to submit a receipt of the childcare service fees so that expenses can be paid.


[Caution: The following items are not eligible for subsidy]

(1) Costs for joining a babysitter company or similar association

(2) Annual fees for babysitter company or similar association

(3) Costs for cancellation of usage of services

(4) Costs included in a regular monthly fee (when the day eligible for subsidy falls on a scheduled day of the week that childcare is provided)

Eligible Period June 1, 2019 – February 29, 2020
Cautionary Points ?Turn in applications and necessary documents directly at the Gender Equality Office on the Aramaki Campus.


*Until the last academic year, we had requested for applications to be turned in through supervisors. Starting this academic year,

we ask that they be turned in individually, so please take note of the change in where the applications are to be turned in.


How to Apply

Turn in (1) and (2) directly at the Gender Equality Office on the Aramaki Campus. In the case of participation in academic meetings, please also specify whether you did a presentation. After the applications have been reviewed, you will be notified by the head of your department, etc. of the results.


(1) Application Form (Form No. 1)

(2) Documents specifying the childcare expenses (pamphlets, leaflets, printouts from the official website of the company, etc.)


Application Deadline

Up to 15 days prior to the scheduled date of each test, academic meeting, or usage of babysitter services


Procedures After the Usage of Services

Turn in (1), (2), and (3) at the Gender Equality Office on the Aramaki Campus soon after using the childcare services.


(1) Report Form and bill (Form No. 2)

(2) Document clearly indicating the amount paid, such as a receipt

(3) Copy of a document indicating the compensatory holiday for the weekly holiday or day off on which you worked


Final deadline for turning in report form, etc.: Friday, March 6, 2020

Important Information, Applications, Etc.

Application Form (Form 1) and Report Form (Form 2)

2019/2020 Gunma University Childcare Subsidy for Work and Child-Raising




Send your inquiries to Nagayasu at the Gender Equality Office (Aramaki Campus)
Extension: 7146