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Childcare for Entrance Exam Work

Childcare Subsidy for Entrance Exam Work at University Entrance Exam Center

support_01 When staff who work at Gunma University are assigned to work for testing at the university entrance exam center, a partial subsidy is provided for childcare expenses when childcare is required. This applies to all entrance exam work that occurs on weekly holidays.

Who Is Eligible

People who work at the university and use childcare for children who are elementary school age or younger for the purpose of working for testing at the university entrance exam center and for the university and university graduate school entrance exam, transfer entrance exam, and other entrance exam related-work.

Subsidy Amount

A maximum of 10,000 yen per application per day is provided.
*If the number of applications is extremely high, this amount may be apportioned based on the budget. It may take some time until the payment process is completed.

Eligible Childcare Facilities

Daycare centers and other childcare facilities, family support centers, and babysitters.
However, babysitter services performed by family and neighbors (except for neighbors who belong to a family support center or similar association) are not eligible.
Be sure to always submit the receipt for childcare services that was received when paying for the childcare.
However, note that the following items are not eligible for the subsidy.

  1. Costs for joining a babysitter company or similar association
  2. Annual fees for babysitter company or similar association
  3. Costs for cancellation of usage
  4. Costs included in a regular monthly fee (when childcare is provided regularly on the target day of the week)

How to Apply

People who will perform proctoring work for entrance exams on weekly holidays must apply to the Gender Equality Office from the head of their academic department and attach a pamphlet or other document that clearly indicates the costs for childcare services at the childcare facility to the application (Form No. 1).
After examination, the result will be sent to the head of your academic department, who will notify the applicant.

Application Deadline

To enable proper allocation of resources for each department, please submit the application to the Gender Equality Office at least 15 days before the scheduled exam date.
(People who wish to apply should submit the documents based on the deadline for your department.)

Application Process

Once the subsidy is approved, as soon as possible after using childcare, please attach a receipt or other document clearly showing the payment amount, a report form (Form No. 2) and invoice form (Form No. 3), and a copy of the weekly holiday makeup schedule, and submit these directly to the Gender Equality Office.

  1. Final deadline for reports and invoices for tests held from September to December: Mid-January (scheduled)
  2. Final deadline for reports and invoices for tests held from January to March: Mid-March (scheduled)

Forms and Documents


support_05If you have any questions, use the information below to contact us.

Gunma University, Gender Equality Office, Contact: Nagayasu (Extension 7146),
Aramaki Campus, Liberal Arts Building GC 1F 103
Tel.: 027-220-7146